Genna McWhinnie 2014

Genna McWhinnie 2014

about me


I am a London based artist, working in the medium of acrylic & oil painting, etching, sculpture and mixed media.

I have historically worked in the medium of etching, where I have used the varying depths of black line & intensities of mezzotint to express the abstraction of a woman's body/sexuality. Although my earlier work has some reference to literal body shapes and parts, my work has progressed beyond the literal and almost always seeks to abstract away from graphic representations of a woman's sexuality.                                                                                                           

Somewhat frustrated by the limitations of the size of an etching plate and the resulting size of the work, I've moved to painting & multi-media where I can explore a grander scale. My approach has become more reductionist and I am influenced by feminism [politically, theoretically and artistically] 

Specifically what it means to express sexuality in opposition to the totality of the male gaze.

My use of colour and line are influenced both by colour field work in abstract expressionism and the aesthetic simplicity of minimalist, reductionist work.

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